Public Events

  Complex Istanbul facilities welcome anyone requesting to rent an event venue in Istanbul. You can rent Complex Istanbul's multi-purpose halls for weddings, engagement ceremonies, circumcision feasts, henna nights, cocktails, parties, wedding dinners, dinner meetings, concerts, performing arts activities and events.  In the center which is suitable for hosting crowds and available for all kinds of events, movie shootings and meetings, you can organize numerous events for your purpose.

  Many organizations such as concerts, performing arts events and shows, wedding & engagement ceremonies, cocktails and parties can be held open to the public. You can have the advantage of convertible spaces for sports and arts events without the need to rent a different venue. The experience-oriented smart hall can accommodate 1000 to 6000 guests at the same time. Configurable according to the different concepts the hall can be used for concerts for  6000 standing people and for dining organizations for 1000 seated people. LED displays suitable for laser and light shows, steel construction ceiling and acoustic sound system designed to meet the requirements of performing arts, make it possible to turn this worldwide known venue into anything you can dream of.

  Suitable for all events such as special occasions of schools and companies, public exhibitions and launches, fairs and promotional days, Complex Istanbul is a venue where you can find the exact answer for your venue rental demands.

  To obtain information about venue rental you can fill the contact form or call the phone number below.

  Venue Rentals:  Turgut Paşalı 0533 326 25 96

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